image Beds

Our Beds provide a comprehensive solution to different needs: classic beds for meeting the essentials, electric beds for premium service, and homecare beds for your comfortable health care support at home.

image Clinic

Examination series have been designed to increase efficiency for the medical staff and patient's comfort. Examination series is an ideal solution for a wide range of multidisciplinary uses.

image Examination & Operation

Operation Series have been designed to examine patient safely and efficiently in all situations.

image Cabinet & Locker

Cabinets and Lockers have been designed to different size(s) and type(s) to accommodate your needs. Only high quality materials are used to provide our customers with sturdy and durable products.

image Room Accessories

All products in Room Accessories category have been designed to complement MAK products for multi-product installation improved with a zinc  phosphate base to achieve high durability surface finish.

image Transfer Solution

Time is precious in emergency situations. MAK Patient Transer Solutions have been designed to give the patients and medical staffs the maximum benefit in the golden window period.