“Making excellent products with comprehensive design and high quality standard”
This statement is what guides us when creating a product. Every supporting department in our company has been making efforts to uphold this philosophy since 1988.





To become the center of excellence in mechanical technology

Mega Andalan Technopark was built to facilitate production as well as training and knowledge transfer process.


To build center of industry in the community

MAK had established SPIKMA, which is a center for promoting small industry development and serves as an “incubator” for industry. Training is continuously performed to build a strong network between MAK and SPIKMA.


To utilize various technology capability in Indonesia

MAK collaborates with Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) and conducts researches collaboration with the universities.


To promote community wealth development

We make effort to increase multiplier effect by training and providing working assets to create sustainable new industry.


To reinvest earnings for the latest technology

Earnings reinvestment is consistently done to develop the company’s internal growth, which allows us to offer the best products to our customers.