In 1988, MAK founder understood one problem: Indonesia needed a better hospital bed; an affordable solution that is durable, efficient, and could satisfy all the needs in hospital environment. It all started with a vision of a man and by building a solid foundation in mechanical competence. MAK has brought their vision into reality.
Now, MAK has the latest production’s technology and developed a strong industrial network to create a wide range of hospital equipment variants and be a prestigious company among the global leader. Through its continous improvement and relentless innovation, MAK always strive to create a better solution for all people.








With more than two decades of experience, MAK has become a leader in technological and production capability. We design and manufacture our core component in-house to increase market responsiveness and product quality. Through constant innovation and deep understanding in healthcare industry, we keep investing with the latest equipment that brought us into a new business venture as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
Within the last few decades, healthcare treatment procedure has developed rapidly, we as a company are consistently trying to improve our service to deliver a “total care solution” from primary collection of hospital ward to a complete State of The Art treatment. With deep understanding toward healthcare services, MAK always strive to be one step ahead of the competition.





Product excellence is determined right from the start of concept to the end of manufacturing process. We have implemented ISO 13485, a management quality system for medical equipment, to all products we manufactured. We also built a laboratory facility to ensure every product is properly tested therefore our valued customer will receive the best product quality according to international standard.
As a world class company that has exported to more than fourty countries globally, we have an advanced integrated business process using modern Enteprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that enable us to manage and monitor our production process to delivery in real time.





We stay true to our highest integrity to our stakeholders: clients, employees, community, environment, and government. We have a strong commitment to providing our clients with the best products.We implement OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System) to ensure safe work environment for our people.

We conduct our business with responsibility to community by providing scholarship to our employee’s children and giving students the opportunity to

acquire new skill in our company by internship program. Our responsibility to the government has been proved by an achievement as a top tax-payer in the region.
We maintain our environment by implementing ISO 14001, such as building industrial wastewater treatment facility, continuously maintaining water and air quality, and keeping noise level at its minimum level.